MEP Supporters

Who supports the MEPs Interest Group "European Patients' Rights & Cross-Border Healthcare"

Here you can find the list of the first MEPs that have decided to join the Interest Group on Patients’ Rights and Cross-Border Healthcare during the current mandate (2019-2024):




  • Fabio Massimo CASTALDO (Italy), Non-attached Members
    Eleonora EVI
  • Sara CERDAS (Portugal), S&D
    Patrizia TOIA
    "My role as MEP is to represent all citizens and as medical doctor I would like to improve Europeans health, and this is only possible if we construct together policies that fit the citizens needs and work with them. The Interest Group on 'Patients' Rights and Cross-Border Healthcare' gives the floor to better understand the real needs of patients and citizens. "
  •  Beatrice COVASSI (Italy), S&D
    Eleonora EVI
  • Eleonora EVI (Italy), NA
    Eleonora EVI
  • Miriam DALLI (Malta), S&D
    Miriam DALLI
  • Kateřina KONEČNÁ (Czechia), GUE/NGL
    Katerina KONECNA
  • Juozas OLEKAS (Lithuania), S&D
    Juozas OLEKAS
    “We have to join forces in Europe combating rare diseases. The diseases themselves have no borders and it is difficult to help those suffering and their family members in the Member States individually. EU reference centers, financed from EU own resources, should be responsible for diagnosing and treating these diseases.”
  • Aldo PATRICIELLO (Italy), EPP
  • Sabrina PIGNEDOLI (Italy), NA  
     Sabrina PIGNEDOLI
  • Piernicola PEDICINI (Italy), NA
    Piernicola PEDICINI
  • Sirpa PIETIKäINEN (Finland), EPP
    "I am inspired by the hope that we could transfer EU to work better for the patients' rights. Together we are more − that is why we need more Europe."
  • Christel SCHALDEMOSE (Denmark), S&D
    Patrizia TOIA
  • Patrizia TOIA (Italy), S&D
    Patrizia TOIA
  • István UJHELYI (Hungary), S&D
    Patrizia TOIA


The following MEPs joined the Interest Group in the previous mandate (2014-2019):


  • David BORRELLI (Italy), Co-Chair EFDD
  • Gianni PITTELLA (Italy), Chair S&D


  • Brando BENIFEI (Italy), S&D
  • Biljana BORZAN (Croatia), S&D
  • Soledad CABEZON RUIZ (Spain), S&D
  • Nicola CAPUTO (Italy), S&D
  • Alberto CIRIO (Italy), EPP
  • Sergio Gaetano COFFERATI (Italy), S&D
  • Therese COMODINI CACHIA (Malta), EPP
  • Miriam DALLI (Malta), S&D
  • Eleonora EVI (Italy), EFDD
  • José Inácio FARIA (Portugal), ALDE
  • Elisabetta GARDINI (Italy), EPP
  • Elena GENTILE (Italy), S&D
  • Nathalie GRIESBECK (France), ALDE
  • Kateřina KONEČNÁ (Czech Republic), GUE/NGL
  • Andrey KOVATCHEV (Bulgaria), EPP
  • Marju LAURISTIN (Estonia), Vice-Chair S&D
  • Giovanni LA VIA (Italy), EPP
  • Fulvio MARTUSCIELLO (Italy), EPP
  • Aldo PATRICIELLO (Italy), EPP
  • Piernicola PEDICINI (Italy), EFDD
  • Sofia RIBEIRO (Portugal), EPP
  • Christel SCHALDEMOSE (Denmark), S&D
  • Patrizia TOIA (Italy), S&D
  • Flavio ZANONATO (Italy), S&D